Our Story

Eve and Mike are getting married in 2020!

EVE (aka Lola) has a background in graphic design (UHart, HAS VCD, BFA). Cupcakes became her medium of choice, inspired by her best friend in college. After the unexpected loss of her friend, Eve poured her soul into everything she baked. The smiles that came from those enjoying her cupcakes encouraged her to continue baking. She has been dreaming up delicious baked treats for over 10 years. Mike helped her realize it was way more than just a hobby and they opened Lola & Phil's within a year. She continues to take on freelance clients for graphic design.

Photo by Dennis Barnicle

Lola & Phil's, LLC was founded in August of 2016 in Stafford Springs, CT by two people - one who had a dream to own his own business, and one who's love of art and creative spirit lead her to baking edible beauty. They use as many local and organic ingredients as possible to make sure each creation is as sustainable as it is delicious. 


Co-owners Eve & Mike met at a concert through mutual friends. On their first coffee date they realized they both used code names when placing their order. Soon, #adventuresofLolaandPhil was born! They used it to catalogue their adventures together, which evolved into the perfect name for their own small business.

MIKE (aka Phil) has wanted to own his own business all his life. With 15+ years experience in customer service, inventory, sales and business operations, he was ready to make the leap to make his dream a reality. After meeting Eve, his long-time interest in cars turned into researching the coffee industry. It soon sparked a growth opportunity for Lola & Phil's, and he began roasting coffee beans. After many self-driven explorations, he attended roasting school. Lola & Phil's officially expanded it's offerings in 2017 to incorporate Mike's creative side – small-batch craft-roasted coffee.

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