Craft-Roasted Coffee

Phil's Brew

Whole Bean – Organic Fair Trade, South America, Dark Roast


A bright and rich dark roast coffee from beans grown in northern Peru. Notes of caramel and vanilla, soft nuttiness and a creamy body with clean finish.

Lola's Brew


This high-end roast is top of its class. Grown in rich volcanic soil and roasted just darker than a light roast to bring out the complex flavors of faint cocoa, toasted marshmallow and citrus finish.


Please specify light or dark roast preference at the Order page.

Maiden Voyage

Whole Bean – Organic Fair Trade, Central America, Dark Roast


A balanced body features the fruity and nutty flavor notes associated with the Chiapas growing region near the southern edge of Mexico on the border of Guatemala.

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We source raw green coffee beans from all over the world and roast them to perfection.

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