Pricing & Delivery



1/2lb bag – $9.00

$5.00 Shipping & Handling


Minimum of 12 per flavor:

12 pack – one flavor, starts at $42

24 pack – one flavor, starts at $72

48 pack – one flavor, starts at $132

Mini cupcakes:
24 pack – starts at $42.00

Filling: additional +$0.25ea

Liquor-infused: additional +$0.50ea

Custom designed toppers – start at $30

Decorations can be sourced to match your theme, pricing varies.


Can be shipped anywhere in the USA!

Saltine Toffee Bark: Full batch (11x17 sheet) $25  •  Half batch (9x13 sheet) $15

Rice Crispies: Full Batch (20-24) $20  •  Half batch (10-12) $12
Auntie Ann's Church Windows:
Full batch (14-16) $35  •  Half batch (6-8) $18


6-inch two layer round cakes start at $100 and vary based on decoration, flavor and theme. We do not work with fondant or do sheet cakes. Please email for a consultation. We are not an allergen-free environment.


Coffee shipping & handling: starts at $5 (one bag). Free shipping over $50.

Personal delivery of cupcakes/cakes: $20. All tax is included. We are based out of Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Deliveries farther than an hour away please consult with us. 

Take your event to the next level – help create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Professionally designed wedding & party invitations, banners, menus and signage are available to capture your theme. Logos, business design identity systems, branding, brand guidelines and other designed elements are also available. View some examples on the Tablescapes page, and contact Eve at for a consultation.


We offer rentals of platters, tablecloths, decorations, floral arrangements alongside designed signage and tags can help set the tone and make your event memorable. View some examples on the Tablescapes page, and contact Eve at for a consultation. 

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